D.M. Reid thinks Profit, Profit, Profit.

D.M. Reid Associates Coast to Coast High Profit Promotions

“We Do it Right. Making sure our clients have High Impact and Profitable Events.”

Founded in 1970, Reid has one goal in mind: High Profit Events. This one goal vaulted D.M. Reid to a national reputation as the one calvary you can trust to get it right the first time and deliver the results you want.

Profit, Profit, Profit.....

D.M. Reid Associates are professionals in every sense of the word.

Why D.M. Reid Associates?

Our senior management’s combined years of experience in promotions, marketing, advertising and merchandising tops well over 100 years. You can feel confident and secure knowing that we can help achieve your goals..

Benefits of a
High Impact Promotion by
D.M. Reid Associates

  • Reid will finance your event
  • Reid is only paid a commission after the sales are made with no up front payment or costs
  • Reid’s goal is to sell your annual volume in 12 short weeks at guaranteed high margins
  • Reid may bring in your previously sold merchandise to satisfy your old orders
  • Reid will clean out your dead inventory and replace it with hot sellers
  • Enjoy buying power as never before
  • Introduce yourself to hundreds of new customers
  • Plus: A bottom line profit to you to help with a fresh start or retirement
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